Friday, October 11, 2013

Miscellaneous Toiletries

I have shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion and bars of soap from my last two trips. I also have regular size items that were given to me. Everything I use is unscented so I don't use any of these and they just take up room. So I've started a box for the battered woman’s shelter and put the word out to my friends to look in their closets too. We can get a box off before Christmas. We used to do this when I worked. Everyone who traveled brought these home and we would send off a box a couple times a year. The hotels encourage it, the women appreciate it – a win/win situation.  and...  it makes me feel good..... 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Early morning activity

It always amazes me when I look at the clock and see that a couple hours have gone by and I wasn't even aware of the time. I get up early, have a cup of coffee and read the newspaper. During that time, I often find some other tasks to accomplish. Today I found myself sorting through clothes trying to decide if I should try on some of the winter things or just pack them up for Good Will. Of course that meant getting dressed. Now it is time to get undressed to take my shower. Two hours have just slid by.

I also read a couple chapters in a book, dressed the bed, loaded the dishwasher with the many glasses I seem to use every day, sorted the laundry, and just wandered around trying to decide what needed to be done to get ready for winter ( change out couch pillows, hang heavier curtains on the east windows, put out afghans, decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving) and what can wait. Of course I pulled out the ladder and got down the decorations as that seemed to be a priority. I've answered a couple emails, perused Facebook and proofread an article sent by a friend on line to be sure I didn't miss something after proofing late into last night. Then I decided to write this blog while it was fresh in my mind.

Each day seems to be the same. I get up early and by noon find that I haven't really accomplished much or even what I had planned. Yet I have been busy the entire time. I call it “puttering”. My family calls it “lack of focus”.

I consider this the joy of being retired. I don't have a time schedule. I don't have “to do's” that must be accomplished at a certain time or in a certain amount of time. I can drop whatever I'm doing and have lunch with a friend or just go outside for a walk in the fresh air. Whatever I'm doing at the moment can be interrupted. I have the time to enjoy the day. This is living!!!